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              Tradegrip SAF 20 TX



Tradegrip SAF 20 TX is a thixotropic contact adhesive which is clean and easy to apply. Being a non-drip adhesive it is ideal for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. Tradegrip SAF 20 TX produces bonds with excellent bond strength and good temperature resistance.

Recommended use

Tradegrip SAF 20 TX is ideal as a general purpose contact adhesive; particularly suitable for bonding decorative laminates/plastic sheets and other rigid plastics such as PVC and ABS to wood, metal and wood composite boards.

  • Tradegrip SAF 20 TX may also be used to bond cane fibre boards and acoustic tiles to suspended or vertical surfaces such as dry cement/sand renderings.  Most types of plastic nosings and covings may also be bonded.
  • Tradegrip SAF 20 TX is intended for interior use, but is has been successfully used in exterior locations protected from the weather, such as for laminates bonded to shop fronts.
  • Tradegrip SAF 20 TX is suitable for use with expanded polystyrene, with polyolefins such as polyethylene and with bitumous substrates, it is also suitable for use where only point contact is obtained between the surfaces to be bonded.

Technical Data

Physical form

Thixotropic gel.


Off white to amber.

Chemical type

Polychloroprene rubber / synthetic resin.


Ethyl acetate / hydrocarbon blend.


Highly flammable.

Solids content

22% (approx.)

Specific gravity

0.89 (approx.)

Storage life @ 25C

12 months.

Dry tack time

15-20 minutes for porous substrates.


23-35 minutes for non-porous substrates.