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       Marine Industry

The following is a non exhaustive list of adhesives and sealants used in the marine industry.  Please feel free to contact us for advice on specific applications.

TGP Adhesive for the Marine Industry.

Contact and Rubber Bonding Adhesives

Evode 613


General purpose contact adhesive from Evostik.


Tradegrip SAF10


General purpose industrial grade contact adhesive.

1L and 5L

Tradegrip HH


High heat resistance contact adhesive for roof trimming and general work.

1L and 5L

Tradegrip HypaBond


Twin pack neoprene contact adhesive for most types of rubber; including Hypalon. Ideal for the manufacturing and repair of RIBs, hovercraft skirts, etc.

1L and 5L

Tradegrip PVC


Tough polyurethane contact adhesive for the bonding of PVC (plasticised and non-plasticised).  Use with Tradecure 100 curing agent for a tougher, more durable bond.

1L and 5L

Dunlop Thixofix


Non-drip contact adhesive from Dunlop Adhesives.


Dunlop S2000


As Tradegrip HypaBond; manufactured by Dunlop Adhesives (Bostik 2402 equivalent also available).

250ml, 1L & 5L

Tradegrip PFN


Sprayable neoprene contact adhesive for laminating and veneering.  Post forming grade.

5L and 25L

Sta’ Put


Self-contained sprayable adhesive with the ease of use of an aerosol; the strength of a hand applied contact adhesive, temperature resistance better than both and a low odour application system.  Available in Clear or Red.

15oz aerosol and 17.5Kg canister



Trim and Upholstery Adhesives

Tradegrip D96


Sprayable SBR adhesive for the bonding of foam and most types of upholstery. Solvent based; non-flammable.  Also available in hand applied grade.


Tradetack STAB


General purpose aerosol adhesive with variable spray setting.

12 x 500ml

Tradebond WA889


Latex based adhesive for foam bonding and general upholstery work.

1L and 5L



Joinery Adhesives

Tradebond WA21


PVA joinery adhesive with D3 water resistance and high solids.

1L, 5L and 25L

Tradebond WA25/D3


As Tradebond WA21; lower viscosity for easy transfer into squeezy bottles.

1L, 5L and 25L

Tradebond WA40


PVA joinery adhesive with water resistance to D3 and BS-4071.

1L, 5L and 25L

TradePUR Rapid/D4


Very tough and totally waterproof (to D4) polyurethane adhesive for bonding timber.  Also suitable for laminating timbers for spas, etc. Expands slightly on cure to fill small gaps and tighten joints. Fast curing and excellent resistance to sea water.

6 x 750g

Puracol Express


Clear polyurethane wood adhesive in cartridge form.  Very powerful and water resistant to D4.

15 x 310ml

UF Resins


Twin pack urea formaldehyde woodworking resins.


Resorcinol Adhesive


Twin pack waterproof adhesive. Used where fire resistance is required.


Tradebond OneShot


Powder based waterproof woodworking adhesive.

3Kg 25Kg

Mitre Fix


Superglue for timber, MDF, uPVC, general trim work, etc. Accelerator also available.

20g, 50g, 500g

Evostik Gunnable


Single pack, solvent based panel adhesive from Evostik.

15 x 380ml

Tradegrip Aqua


Water based panel adhesive with fast grab. Non-flammable.




Mastics and Sealants

Tradeseal FC40


Single part, moisture cure polyurethane adhesive and sealant suitable for most bonding and sealing applications in the marine industry.

12 x 310ml

Tradeseal MS


Fast curing MS-Polymer sealant and adhesive for most applications. Non-toxic alternative to polyurethane. Excellent adhesion to glass and it’s non-yellowing property make it ideal for window/porthole sealing.  Available in white, black and clear.

12 x 310ml

Soudaseal Deckmaster


Extra strong and flexible MS-Polymer sealant and adhesive for deck caulking. No isocyanates, solvents or acids.  Black only.

15 x 310ml

Deckmaster Primer


For use on teak decking.


Soudaseal LV


Low viscosity, easy to spread MS-Polymer adhesive for bonding teak decks.  White only.

600ml foil

Soudaseal HT


High tack MS-Polymer for panel repairs.  Will hold panels during cure with no other support. Black only.

12 x 310ml

Silicone HMa


High modulus acetoxy silicone sealant. Clear, white and brown.

25 x 310ml

Adhesive Tapes



Very powerful double sided adhesive tape.  Strong polypropylene carrier with a cross linked aggressive acrylic adhesive.


Tradesafe Aqua


Anti-slip self adhesive tape for stairways, decks and areas of potential slip hazard.  Various colours available.


3M 3060


General purpose masking tapes with various widths. Other grades also available

25mm x 36 rolls 50mm x 24 rolls