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              Joinery & Shopfitting

The following is a non exhaustive list of adhesives and sealants used in the joinery, shopfitting and furniture building industries. Please feel free to contact us for advice on specific applications.


Tradebond WA21


PVA joinery adhesive with D3 water resistance and high solids.

1L, 5L and 25L

Tradebond WA25/D3


As Tradebond WA21; lower viscosity for easy transfer into squeezy bottles.

1L, 5L and 25L

Tradebond WA40


PVA joinery adhesive with water resistance to D3 and BS-4071.

1L, 5L and 25L

Tradebond D138


Filled PVA for laminating and general use in the furniture industry.


TradePUR Rapid/D4


Very tough and totally waterproof (to D4) polyurethane adhesive for bonding timber.  Also suitable for laminating timbers for spas, etc.  Expands slightly on cure to fill small gaps and tighten joints. Fast curing and excellent resistance to sea water.

6 x 750g



Filled polyurethane resin adhesive in a cartridge. Exceptional strength. Bonds timber, plasterboard, concrete, some plastics and metals.  D4 waterproof.  Very fast set.

20 x 310ml

TradePUR RC261


Roller coating polyurethane adhesive for sandwich panel manufacture, etc.

5.6Kg, 28Kg

Tradebond OneShot


Powder based waterproof woodworking adhesive.

3Kg 25Kg

Cov-Res 2


Polyurethane coving resin for filling voids when laminating upstands in cubicle manufacture. Self-levelling and fast setting. Application equipment available.

15Kg, 600Kg

Tradegrip SAF10


General purpose industrial grade contact adhesive.

1L and 5L

Tretobond DR704


As Tradegrip SAF10 from Tremco.


Evode 613


General purpose contact adhesive from Evostik.


BS111 Thixo


Thixotropic (non-drip) contact adhesive for vertical and overhead work.

1L and 5L

Dunlop Thixofix


Thixotropic contact adhesive from Dunlop Adhesives.

1L and 5L

Dunlop S1922


Sprayable contact adhesive with very high heat resistance for laminating, upholstery, trimming, etc. Post forming grade.  Red or Clear. T559 cleaning solvent also available.


Tradegrip HH


Brushable contact adhesive with high heat resistance.

1L and 5L



Sprayable contact adhesive for laminating. Post forming grade.  Available in red or clear.


EvoStik 5695


Srayable polychloroprene rubber for laminating and post forming.


EvoStik Gunnable


Single pack, solvent based panel adhesive from Evostik.

24 x 380ml



As Evostik Gunnable from Trade Grade Products

15 x 380ml

Tradegrip Aqua


Water based panel adhesive with fast grab. Non-flammable.

12 x 310ml

Siroflex Caulk-it


Acrylic painters caulk.  Available in white or magnolia.

25 x 400ml

Tradelock Superglues


Three grades of superglue. Low, medium and high viscosity.

20g, 50g, 500g



Activator for use with Tradelock Superglues. Aerosol Activator available in 200ml and 400ml.

200ml, 400ml, 500ml, 1L Bulk

Cascorit 1206


Twin pack urea formaldehyde resin, liquid resin and liquid hardener system for ease of mixing. Very low formaldehyde. Low coat weights minimise bleed through.

5Kg, 25Kg

Beetle Resin


Twin pack urea formaldehyde resin adhesive.  Various hardeners available.


Silfix LMA


Low modulus, acetoxy cure, fungicidal silicone sealant for Hodgson Sealants. Fast curing and highly flexible.  Available in white, ivory and clear.

20 x 310ml

Sta’ Put


Self-contained sprayable adhesive with the ease of use of an aerosol; the strength of a hand applied contact adhesive, temperature resistance better than both and a low odour application system.  Available in Clear or Red.

15oz aerosol and 17.5Kg canister

Web Tack


TGP equivalent to Sta’ Put.  Self-contained sprayable contact adhesive, no need for air/electricty. Available in red or clear.

17.5Kg canister

Level One


More economical version of Sta’ Put.

17.5Kg canister

Mi-T Tape


Double sided foam tape for attaching trims and Georgian bars. Other sizes also available.

12mm x 50m

H964 Tape


Very powerful double sided tape for laminating, drawer fronts and many other uses.

12mm x 50m 25mm x 50m 50mm x 50m



Single pack cartridge adhesive for bonding mirrors.

15 x 310ml



Intumescent acrylic sealant.


Wudfil Easystain


Fast setting, lightweight polyester filler for wood. Easy to sand and stain.  Available in Redwood (pine) and Teak.


Wudfil Wood Fibre


Advanced stopper containing wood fibres. Excellent deep stain ability.  Single pack, fast setting.


Handy Wipes


Pack of hand wipes to remove paint and adhesive. Very good  with PUR adhesives (uncured).

Pack of 100

Silicone Spray


Non-staining silicone lubricant.

12 x 500ml

Klingspor PS022


Aluminium oxide rolls. Open coat, general purpose for wood. 40 grit - 400. E weight paper. Other grades available. See abrasives.

115mm x 50m

Klingspor LS309


Abrasive belts for handheld machines. Many sizes and grits available.               

See abrasives