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                Engineering Adhesives

The following is a non exhaustive list of adhesives and sealants used in the engineering industry. Please feel free to contact us for advice on specific applications.

TGP Engineering Adhesives


Tradelock Superglues

Three grades of superglue. Low, medium and high viscosity.


200ml Aerosol activator for use with Tradelock Superglues. Also available in 100ml pump bottle.

Tradelock Mitre Kit

50ml of either Tradelock HV or MV superglue (Mitre Fix) and 100ml pump bottle of accelerator (Mitre Accel).

Tradelock B406

Very low viscosity superglue for bonding difficult rubbers.  Provides excellent bonds on insensitive surfaces. Gives excellent bonds to polypropylene and polyethylene when used with NRG Primer.

NRG Primer

Surface activator (energiser) for use on low energy surfaces such as polypropylene. Usually used with Tradelock B406.  Can achieve substrate breaking bonds on polypropylene and similar substances.

Tradelock B480

Black, toughened superglue with a very high peel and shock resistance.

Tradelock B460

Very low bloom superglue for intricate parts including jewellery and electronics. Will not bloom or whiten around the bond area when used in accordance with instructions.  B460 also has a very low fume / odour for increased user comfort when up close to the work piece.

Tradelock B495

Excellent industrial grade instant general purpose superglue.

Tradelock B496

Superglue for bonding metals.


Tradelock B222

Low strength threadlocker for small intricate parts.

Tradelock B243

Medium strength threadlocker for parts which need to be removed for maintenance. Tradelock B243 is oil tolerant.

Tradelock B270

High strength stud lock for more permanent applications.

Tradelock B290

Wicking grade - Penetrating anaerobic thread sealant for very small parts or for sealing of pre-assembled parts.


Tradelock B601

High strength retainer for slip and press fit parts. Low viscosity.

Tradelock B638

High strength retainer with high ultimate dynamic strength for severe locking and retaining applications.

Tradelock B641

Medium strength retainer for bushes, bearings, keyways, liners and other parts requiring disassembly.

Tradelock B648

High temperature retainer. 200°C for positive retention.

Tradelock B660

High strength; gap filling sealant used to ‘rebuild’ slight wear on keyways, bearing shafts, etc.

Gaskets and Sealants

Tradelock B542

Hydraulic and pneumatic pipe sealant for fittings up to 3/4”.

Tradelock B574

Instant gasket to seal joint faces eliminating conventional gaskets.

Tradelock B577

Pipe sealant with Teflon.  Seals fitting up to 2”.

Epoxies and Methacrylates

Tradeweld Rapid

Twin pack, fast setting epoxy resin adhesive.  Also available as a slower (std) set.

Tradeweld GP

Twin pack building grade epoxy adhesive for fixing slip bricks, rejoining cut bricks / blocks to form angles, etc.

Tradeweld HC140

Heat curing single pack epoxy adhesive.  Cures at 140°C. Other grades available.

Tradeweld Acrylic TX

Twin pack methacrylate structural adhesive for bonding metals and plastics.  Available as a gun applied, premixed system or in a twin syringe.

Tradelock B350

Single pack, UV curing adhesive for glass bonding.

Axiom 100 PM

Structural acrylic adhesive from Bostik.