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            Caravan Repair

The following is a non exhaustive list of adhesives and sealants used in the caravan, motor home and commercial vehicle industries. Please feel free to contact us for advice on specific applications.

The Glue People - Caravan Repair and Manufacturing



Twin pack polyurethane panel adhesive for internal and external panel work.

1.2Kg and 5Kg



The ultimate twin pack polyurethane (PUR) adhesive for panel bonding.  Easy to mix, easy to apply and very high grab. Exceptional bonding power to aluminium, timber based materials, insulation, etc.

1.2Kg and 5Kg



Single pack version of LTM8 in a cartridge.  Exceptional strength amd D4 waterproof.  Suitable for all interior work. Solvent free.  Excellent bonds to timber, some plastics and metals, insulation materials, plaster, concrete, etc.  Not suitable for external panel work.

20 x 310ml

Mixing buckets


2.6L bucket for mixing TradePUR LTM6 and LTM8 when using large kits and with floor kits below.


DeLam TX


A unique non drip floor kit designed for application from under the caravan or motorhome. No disruption to floor coverings.  Quick, clean and easy.  Full system available including reusable injection gun, resin, injection tubes/probes, full instructions, etc.


Tradeweld FloorKit


Low viscosity epoxy repair adhesive for delaminated floors and walls in caravans and commercial vehicles. Slower set than normal for ease of use.  Injected into floor through pre-drilled holes. Ideal for DIY use.


Tradeweld FloorKit FS


Faster setting product more akin to the industry standard.


Tradeweld FloorKit PRO


A low-fume epoxy resin repair adhesive, cures at temperatures as low as 1°C.


Mixer Paddle


Small mixing paddle for use in a drill to mix floor kits.  Not for use with DeLam TX


Tradeseal FC40


Single pack polyurethane sealant and adhesive. Available in white, black and grey.

12 x 310ml

Tradeseal MS


MS Polymer for sealing and bonding applications. No priming required and excellent non yellowing properties.  White, grey or glass clear.

12 x 290ml

Tradeseal MS/HG


High tack MS Polymer in black or white.  Suitable for panel bonding as grab is sufficient to hold panels until cured.

12 x 290ml

Professional Wipes


Trade formula, removes fast grab polyurethanes, sealants, paint spills, adhesives, resins, oils, inks, tar, dirt, grime, grease, label deposits, etc. Hand safe cleaning wipes.

100 wipes

Silfix LMA


Low modulus, acetoxy cure, fungicidal silicone sealant for Hodgson Sealants. Fast curing and highly flexible.  Available in white, ivory and clear.

25 x 310ml

Seamseal CV


Non-setting butyl mastic for bedding components. Available in white or cream.

24 x 380ml

Evostik Gunnable


Single pack, solvent based panel adhesive from Evostik.

24 x 380ml

Tradegrip Aqua


Water based panel adhesive.  Solvent free, non-flammable and suitable for use on polystyrene.

12 x 380ml

HP600 Strip Sealant


Very high tack butyl strip sealant from Hodgson Sealants.  Available in black or white.


40mm x 2.5mm x 19m

8 rolls per box

25mm x 1.5mm x 30m

12 rolls per box

32mm x 2.5mm x 19m

10 rolls per box

19mm x 2.5mm x 19m

14 rolls per box

20mm x 5mm x 9.6m

14 rolls per box

Triangular cross section 9mm x 7mm x 2mm x 6.5m

24 rolls per box

Tradegrip GP


High strength general purpose contact adhesive.

1L and 5L

Tradelock Superglues


Three grades of superglue. Low, medium and high viscosity.

20g, 50g, 500g



Activator for use with Tradelock Superglues.

100ml, 200ml

TradePUR Rapid/D4


Very tough and totally waterproof (to D4) polyurethane adhesive for bonding timber.  Also suitable for laminating timbers for spas, etc. Expands slightly on cure to fill small gaps and tighten joints. Fast curing and excellent resistance to sea water.

6 x 750g

Sta’ Put


Self-contained sprayable adhesive for laminates, carpets, upholstery, etc. Fire certificate, very high heat resistance, needs to no air or electricity, high coverage. Suitable for head linings.

15oz aerosol and 17.5Kg canister

Tradesafe Aqua


Anti-slip self adhesive tape for stairways, decks and areas of potential slip hazard.  Various colours available.


3M 3060


General purpose masking tapes with various widths. Other grades also available.

25mm x 36 rolls 50mm x 24 rolls